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July 2012

    Dirtbag and I arrived at Green Lake around 1400 hrs to reserve 3 campsites for the weekend. Bear showed up not too much later and set up on his site. After camp was established we drove into town to secure the evening meal and firewood.

    Upon returning to camp we were joined by "Q", and Ice, Crash, Shark and gang. While setting up we introduced ourselves to the park Rangers as they drove past our campsite. They had slowed down looking at the camouflaged tents and looked curiously at our camp. They were friendly enough. We had conversations concerning local hunting being closed in the Recreation Area, Feral Hog removal with any hunting license or a CPL and the discussion of open carry of rifles in the Recreation Area.

    There must have been some concerns about the open carry of rifles, because about 2 hours later the Ranger returned with an "Application to use Land" permit. He asked us to fill it out and contact the Park Manager the next day.

    At 0000hrs I received a phone call from the DNR Law Enforcement office, stating that there would be an officer at our camp the next morning to settle any issues with the rifles in camp.

    The officer arrived at 0745 Saturday morning. We had a good conversation with him and cleared up any discrepancies of what we were going to do. We were doing nothing wrong, and he would talk to the Park Rangers to let them know that.
   At 0930 the Park Manager arrived to discuss our intentions. He seemed to forget the conversation we had with him only a short 3 weeks prior when we met him at Headquarters. We decided to keep the rifles out of view in the campground, and would transport rifles to the Trail Head Parking Lot prior to heading into the woods for our Orienteering and hiking.
     MC arrived in camp around 1100 hrs. We then headed out to scout out an area for us to navigate. All went well while we practiced an "L - Shaped Defensive" Position, working on moving the formation through the woods. We practiced finding a hasty fighting position with cover and concealment and discussed the differance between the two. Shark performed well her first time on a patrol, while Crash was left to watch camp and the juniors he had brought with him.
     1300 hrs found us heading back to camp for lunch and impromptu classes. We had spent a lot of time and energy talking with the Rangers and the Conservation Officer in the morning causing us to get a late start. By the time lunch was over, we found ourselves at 1600 hrs. So we decided that we would do a 2 mile night hike once it got dark. Meanwhile we had some good conversations around the campfire, dinner and good times. We came across a little caterpillar that had the same markings and coloring as the ACU's that Dirtbag was wearing. In fact we found it on HIM! check out the pics in the gallery below. So anyone who says that ACU's wont work in Michigan, explain why nature has picked these colors and markings...
     2130hrs we headed out to the Trail Head Parking Lot on foot for the 2 mile hike. We had not been in this area yet, so it was a refreshing hike in new territory. Most of us were able to hike without any lights. A couple of us needed them. We will work on night travel and how to navigate without the use of lights.
     Sunday we packed up camp and headed home. All in all it was a great success! We educated the locals, made new friends and trained the DVM.
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